Twitter Data Mining Round Up

Since the release of Mining the Social Web, 2E in late October of last year, I have mostly focused on creating supplemental content that focused on Twitter data. This seemed like a natural starting point given that the first chapter of the book is a gentle introduction to data mining with Twitter’s API coupled with the inherent openness of accessing and analyzing Twitter data (in comparison to other data sources that are a little more restrictive.) Twitter’s IPO late last year also focused the spotlight a bit on Twitter, which provided some good opportunities to opine on Twitter’s underlying data model that can be interpreted as an interest graph.

Throughout the remainder of this coming year, I hope to spend much less time on Twitter and systematically work through the myriad other topics in the book: Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, email, web pages, etc. However, before changing course, it seemed useful to provide a consolidated reference of the existing Twitter-related content.

Blog Posts

IPython Notebooks

Excerpts & Presentations


While there are plenty of other great links out there on the web about data mining with Twitter, these are a few that I am particularly proud to have produced. I hope you enjoy them.

Stay in touch and feel free to reach out with any suggestions or requests about future content.

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