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Twitter Data Mining Round Up


Since the release of Mining the Social Web, 2E in late October of last year, I have mostly focused on creating supplemental content that focused on Twitter data. This seemed like a natural starting point given that the first chapter of the book is a gentle introduction to data mining with Twitter’s API coupled with […]

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Mining Social Web APIs with IPython Notebook [Data Day Texas Workshop Slides]

Screen Shot 2014-01-12 at 3.47.55 PM

Thanks to everyone who attended the Mining Social Web APIs with IPython Notebook workshop at Data Day Texas. I’m really glad that I made the trip down to Austin and could share some of my work with you. The data truly is bigger in Texas, Austin was a fantastic city to visit, and everyone I had […]

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How to Deliver a Successful Tech Workshop with Vagrant and AWS


At Strata, I delivered workshop called Mining the Social Web with IPython Notebook, and in order to ensure that the workshop would meet its objectives and be a smashing success, I knew that a few constraints had to be considered: Everyone must be able to follow along with the examples. (The goal of the workshop is […]

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Twitter Could Be So Much Better Than An Advertising Company


If you’re a business with enough users, you can probably make some money by placing advertisements. Advertising drives commerce, and commerce is fundamental to a healthy economy. It’s a great and wonderful thing that profits are earned, jobs are created, taxes are paid, and a virtuous cycle develops around the commerce that results from advertising. […]

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Mining Social Web APIs with IPython Notebook [Slides]

Mining Social Web APIs with IPython Notebook

Thanks so much to everyone who attended the Mining Social Web APIs with IPython Notebook workshop. It was really inspiring to see so many of you get your hands dirty hacking on data (as opposed to just talking or thinking about it.) It’s a lot of work to design a 3 hour workshop for such […]

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Now Serving: Full-Text Sampler in IPython Notebook Format


The 2nd Edition of Mining the Social Web has officially soft-launched (the “hard-launch is at my Strata workshop next week), and as of late last week you could download either a PDF file or view an ebook excerpt of the first chapter that introduces data mining with Twitter’s API. Additionally, as of just a few hours ago, the full-text of the first […]

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