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Rebooting Mining the Social Web for a Rapidly Changing World

— New Co-Author: Mikhail Klassen — Over the last two years, Matthew and I have been overhauling Mining the Social Web, preparing to release this technical manual in its third edition. I was brought on to help with the project, which ended up taking some interesting turns. The project started (in a way) at PyCon 2016 […]

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Mining Social Web APIs with IPython Notebook [Data Day Texas Workshop Slides]

Thanks to everyone who attended the Mining Social Web APIs with IPython Notebook workshop at Data Day Texas. I’m really glad that I made the trip down to Austin and could share some of my work with you. The data truly is bigger in Texas, Austin was a fantastic city to visit, and everyone I had […]

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Writing Paranoid Code (Computing Twitter Influence, Part 2)

In the previous post of this series, we aspired to compute the influence of a Twitter account and explored some relevant variables to arriving at a base metric. This post continues the conversation by presenting some sample code for making “reliable” requests to Twitter’s API to facilitate the data collection process. Given a Twitter screen […]

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