How to Deliver a Successful Tech Workshop with Vagrant and AWS

At Strata, I delivered workshop called┬áMining the Social Web with IPython Notebook, and in order to ensure that the workshop would meet its objectives and be a smashing success, I knew that a few constraints had to be considered: Everyone must be able to follow along with the examples. (The goal of the workshop is […]

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Mining Social Web APIs with IPython Notebook [Slides]

Thanks so much to everyone who attended the Mining Social Web APIs with IPython Notebook workshop. It was really inspiring to see so many of you get your hands dirty hacking on data (as opposed to just talking or thinking about it.) It’s a lot of work to design a 3 hour workshop for such […]

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Reflections on Authoring a Minimum Viable Book

As the production of the second edition of Mining the Social Web nears completion with an estimated publishing date of mid-September 2013, I wanted to share some thoughts and reflections on what it has been like to write and ┬áthen (mostly) re-write and re-launch a book. Like anything else, there’s always a backstory, and this […]

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