Mining the Social Web Like a Pro: Four Steps to Success [Slides]

[Update – 8 October 2013: The data journalism team at La Nación expanded upon the analysis presented in the slides and put together a really nice article that tells a story about the data. Definitely check it out, and if you don’t read Spanish, try translating with Chrome or paste the URL into Google Translate.]

I had the pleasure of presenting Mining the Social Web Like a Pro: Four Steps to Success [slides link] to a group of incredibly talented Latin American investigative journalists from nearly a dozen countries these past two days in Quito, Ecuador as part of an annual GDA seminar. The entire experience has been remarkable in so many ways. I attended the seminar to present as an invited speaker, but am definitely leaving with a lot of new ideas and fresh perspective on data, investigative journalism, and so much more.

In addition to presenting and learning an incredible amount of new and exciting information about data-oriented and investigative journalism, I was also able to move an emerging project forward as a developer/coach during a brief hack-a-thon, I dusted off my Español (it’s amazing what two days of full immersion will do for you), and I made a lot of new friends.

If we met at the seminar, let’s please stay in touch. It was a humbling experience to meet you all and be part of such a terrific community.

You can download my slides at SlideShare; however, keep in mind that there’s a bit of context missing since the slides were designed as a guide for the presentation as opposed to being a comprehensive reference. Leave a comment or send a tweet using the sidebar widget if you have questions.


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